At Mountain Crest Kennels we love our dogs. We are a family kennel that includes our dogs in the family. We play with them. We walk with them. They help us in our work. We live with them.

We also take a balanced approach to their role in our lives. We treat them as beloved canine companions, pure and simple. Therefore, we let them be dogs. We have five acres protected by electric invisible dog wire so they can have a large area to run. They walk on our farm and play like our other animals.  They roll around in the mud. They play with each other all the time……..wrestling, tussling, running. The retrievers chase our ducks. The BRT’s bark at our livestock when they get too close to the kids. They are dogs, and we let them be the dogs they were bred to be.

Our two types of dog lines are Black Russian Terriers (BRT’s) and Retrievers. We chose BRT’s because they were bred for a specific purpose (to protect). They do an incredible job at this. We came across this breed as we were searching high and low for a large dog that protected well, did not have a strong prey drive (to coincide with our farm animals), did not have a drive to kill the threat (they typically protect by pinning and coming in between the threat and the protected), and are great with kids. With a farm and young children, they were the perfect dog. They have not disappointed. They follow our children everywhere they go on our large property. They lay down and wait for them as the children go from play place to play place. When the kids come back to the house, they follow along. When the kids do chores at the barn, they follow along. They are an incredible breed. Beautiful, calm, stable,  friendly with kids, and intimidating to strangers.

We chose retrievers because they are all around fun. Also, we hunt and the retrievers are hard wired for that. Our retrievers roam the property and they always have something in their mouth (simulating carrying a duck or other game bird). They can play ball for hours as we throw and they fetch. They are America’s favorite dog. We love them too.

Kennel Mission and Philosophy

Our goal is for people to have access to dogs that fill a specific role in their lives and where they can have certainty about the genetic background. Although we support shelters wholeheartedly, we recognize that they are not always ideal for acquiring a dog given you don’t know the genetics. Therefore, you don’t know for sure the instinctive hard wiring or the health outcomes.  In some cases, that is not advised especially when you have other animals or young children.  Whether it be for love or protection or for a trusted hunting partner, our dogs are bred for instinct first. Those that show the strongest instinctual qualities of the breed are chosen. They are many different dog breeds in the world because they were bred for specific purposes. We try not to lose sight of that in our philosophy.

We price our dogs so that money or the transaction is not a barrier. We believe that many people would love a specific breed of dog that sometimes is slightly out of reach. Also, many these days make buying a dog more contractual than buying a house. That is not how we operate. With that said, we don’t pass on breeding rights. If you agree with our approach, we invite you to inquire about our dogs and available puppies.

Mountain Crest Kennel is a licensed kennel that strives on exceeding the standards of licensure in every possible way. Also, every dog we own is served five star dog food daily.