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Specializing in Black Russian Terriers and Retrievers

Our BRT's (Click name for more information)

Porsche (F) - Matriarchial. Low key. Very stable and calm. Protective. Beautiful build with very black fur. Blocky head. Nice gait. 90 lbs.

Spider (M) - Low key. Very stable and calm.  Nice gait. About 115 lbs. Follows kids everywhere. Once saw our calf running around the kids and a puppy. Spider let out five barks towards the calf and it ran away. He did not attack nor get too anxious. He was the perfect protector and balanced in letting the cow know to stay away from those in his charge.

Lexus - Potential future Mom.

Lada - Child of Porsche and Spider. Stable. Well built. Slightly larger than mother. 92 lbs.

Aston - Fantastic stature. Has tremendous gait. Calm and stable. Well built. Muscular. Comes from a great line. Click name for more infomation.

Caption: These are three of our BRT's among the kids, as they always are, protecting them while they sled.  (Small black lab in picture that is still a puppy). Spider and Porsche are of breeding age. Lexus, although large, is still too young. She will be a great mom someday as she shows incredible BRT instincts.


Kazadore (M-Chocolate) - Awesome hunting instincts. He once caught one of our ducks, carried it back to the porch in his mouth (over 100 yards). His carry was so gentle that the duck got up and walked back to the barn with no injury at all. That is the sign of a true lab! Great disposition. Very odedient. English looks. 90 lbs.

Feliz (F-Black, produces all three colors with Kaz) - Nice form. Sweet disposition. Obedient and loving. Great mom. American looks. 65lbs.




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